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Our revolutionary video platform is your one-stop shop to create optimised videos for multiple channels – so you can reach your audience no matter where they are.

Lead Gen
Lead Gen
Store Locator
Store Locator

Convert your content into shoppable videos in minutes and watch your sales soar. Create 'add to cart' and 'buy now' buttons inside your interactive video so viewers can shop while they watch.

Give your creative an edge and let the audience choose their preferred narrative. Have multiple levels of narrative to tie viewers experience with your brand message or product selection and run it across your sites or as ads.

Feedback loop gets your audience closer to your brand and product. Empower your viewers to share their feedback and process it real-time.

Contest & Rewards always entertain the audience. What if it is enabled at the right moment in the video while they are watching it?

Engaging videos are powerful tools for mining new business leads and expanding user base. Vastly increase your reach with sharable interactive videos that seamlessly work across any channel, in any location.

Spread awareness of your store and bring your audience one step closer by inviting them to visit offline from within your videos.

Help your audience make a decision with a sleek visual gallery within your video. Showcase your featured offers and products, available to buy with a simple touch.

Make it easy for your viewers - allow them to select the chapters they're interested in and jump straight to that section of the video.

We’re all on the lookout for great offers, but don’t always find them in the right moment. Make it easy for price-savvy customers by enabling offer codes in your video.

Garner your viewer's intent right within your video by enabling poll/survey features. Use this deeper-level understanding to strengthen insights.

What if your customers could book from within your ads? Whether you’re a hotel, travel, entertainment or events company, harness the spur-of-the-moment and make it easier for them to get to you.


Easy as one,
two, three

Get started with Wootag interactive videos instantly. Our super-simple editor couldn’t be easier – you’ll be up and running in a few minutes, without needing to send us your files.



Products vary by shapes & sizes and the same goes with Humans! Why not target the interactivity and products by specific rules and get closer to personalization.


While we are all looking for a silver bullet, there is no one size-fits-all! Unlock learning curve by testing features, experience to drive your end objectives.


Any device,
any medium, any player

With Wootag, your video plays exactly as it should, wherever it is shared. Wootagged interactive videos play at any orientation, on any screen and any video player, working seamlessly across Facebook, Twitter, websites and SmartTV.


In-Stream and Out-Stream

Wootagged experience doesn’t just stay within your site. Unlock scale by enabling the experience across Video On Demand Platforms and In-Article.

Mobile In-App

Mobile & Apps are synonymous with every day life. Why not get the experience close to where the audiences are and deliver it In-App.



Ordinary video doesn’t always work smoothly across platforms. Enter Wootag. Our innovative technology guarantees functionality across Facebook video ads, pre-roll ads, in-stream ads, out-stream ads, and mobile native ads, making it simpler and quicker to scale and drive performance.


Programmatic isn’t just for cost optimization!

Interactivity, Insights , Optimizations go way well within programmatic executions. Unlock the experience across Open Exchange or PMP buys at scale.

Ecosystem Friendly!

Wootag works all the way from DSP partners like Google Marketing Platform, The TradeDesk to SSP partners like Unruly to Mobile In-App partners and across Publishers.


Next gen
video insights

Why limit your video marketing metrics to view numbers and average time spent? Now you can collect heaps of data in real-time, including clicks, taps, engagements, conversions and location. Observe how users interact with your content to discover what they really love about your brand.


Decisions can and should be made real-time.

Unlock insights in real-time to make decisions and optimize towards performance and costs.

Secured and GDPR Compliant.

Secured as it sounds! Have your data processed and secured within the real-time data streaming platform.



Connect all your business applications to Wootag and execute your digital marketing strategy with ease.


Wootag across AnyPlayer

Apps to unlock Wootag experience within your native players.

Connect your Stores & Leads

Apps to connect the last mile of sale or data flow for remarketing.