WooTag is a unique
video platform.

Find out about all of its features.

Upload any video you want

Any format, any quality, any length

Don't waste time with needless conversions on format or cutting your video length down to work within our application. WooTag handles everything for you. It accepts whatever video format you choose, supports any quality you throw at it, and accepts videos of any length.

Build Interactions

Build engagements everywhere.
Need we say more?

Create an unlimited numtber of interactions right inside your video for an unprecedented experience. Tag your product, your location, or anybody into segments of your video and encourage users to interact directly with it. And this all happens in just three steps – tap, build, publish.

Social Media Sharing

Make the Internet work for you

Everything can be shared in this day and age, but not everything works perfectly when viewed on different platforms. Wootag works exactly like it should within Facebook itself, so when your videos go viral, your engagements will too. You can also grow your fan base by advertising through sponsored post, or embed our player directly onto your website and keep users happy and engaged.

Engage your viewers like
never before

No matter the purpose of your video, we've got you covered.

Get viewers to add your product to cart directly inside your video and remove any obstacles preventing you from your sale, or encourage them to leave a quick 30 second review, or show them exactly where you’re located and get them to book that concert ticket from you instantaneously, all while still inside your video.


Forget generic video metrics, here is an entirely new set for you

Why limit yourself to just the basic of numbers of views and average time spent? Take video analytics to the next level by measuring views, touches, interactions, engagements, location, and time spent. See when users touch your tags and observe how they interact with it to learn what they truly like. Then for your next video, keep what works and ditch what doesn't.