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At Wootag (we, our, us) we are concerned about your Privacy and take utmost care to protect it. On visiting our website and upon either viewing videos there, accessing or using any of our functionalities, you ("Users") agree to accept our privacy policy and consent to the use and sharing of your information. Our Privacy Policy explains how we protect, use, collect, share and disclose your information.

(a) Information we collect: We collect the following information from you:
  1. Information provided on visiting or during registration for our services like, username, password and a valid email address, phone number, payment and card information
  2. Information provided in your profile
  3. Your videos and how you conduct yourself on our services
  4. Information from the use of our services like records of your visits, files created or stored, user activities, number of visits, details of your transactions among others.
(b) How we use the Information: We use the information collected to improve our services, protect users in emergency and provide enhanced user experience. We use the information for the following:
  1. To send certain promotions, offers, information or product announcements for our service
  2. To contact you and provide customised service
  3. To monitor patterns of visitors such as number of visits, demographic areas among others
  4. To automatically show any updates available for our mobile applications
  5. To send and have a record of any communications from you for helping to solve any issues
(c) Third Party Disclosures: Your information can be shared outside our company or our subsidiaries to the following:
  1. With our Partners: We may share certain information with our strategic partners, to provide improved services. Any personal information with persons, organisations outside our company will be shared only after seeking permission from you.
  2. For offering services with third party companies: At times we may provide any service or sell any things in collaboration with an affiliate or a third party company, your information may be shared with them to facilitate the service. You understand that we do not have control over policies of third party and if you wish to use any such services we cannot guarantee privacy of your information.
  3. To service providers: Certain information may be shared with our vendors or consultants providing technical or other services. These information will be shared under confidentiality terms only for the purpose of providing services to you.
  4. Co-User: We may share certain profile information, video, image content uploaded by a user and certain data like number of videos uploaded by a user, number of videos of a user watched by others, location of the video, number of videos of a user watched by any user among others with other co-user to facilitate our services. Any information on your public profile will become publicly available and can be collected and used by other.
  5. Legal compliance: If any legal or public authority within or outside the country of your residence requests any such information under law, we will have to share your information with them in compliance with the legal obligations. These information could also be shared if we deem necessary to protect our terms of use and service or protect user rights and obligations.
  6. For transactional purposes: In case you make any payment on our website or mobile applications, your information will be shared with third party responsible for processing such payment. We will ensure that such third party is bound under our privacy obligations.
(d) Child Privacy: We advise that children below 18 years of age set up their accounts only under parental guidance. Any information collected on such accounts shall be collected under a deemed parental consent. Users may be required to submit an additional parental consent form for creating an account for their children. In case we have unknowingly collected any child information without consent please write to us our email address provided.
(e) Cookies: We might get access to certain information from cookies or log files. Such information might be shared by us with our group companies and third-party services providers to help us provide better service. A cookie will not give us any access to information on your system and it is up to you to enable or disable cookies by adjusting your browser setting on your hardware.
(f) Links To Third-Party Site: We might contain links to third-party site accessible via our service. Any content provided by such third-party site is solely the responsibility of such third-party. The user on clicking such third-party link shall leave our site and after that we will not have any control over the access of information by that third-party site. Hence, we cannot guarantee privacy of any information which you provide on such site. It is advisable to exercise caution in providing any information to such site and see their privacy policy statements as incorporated.
(g) Changes: Our Privacy Policies are subject to changes and the same shall be updated on our site from time to time. Your continued use of our services after such changes shall mean acceptance to such changes.
(h) Change Of Ownership: If Wootag Pte. Ltd. is sold to any other individual or entity, your details will be shared with such individual, entity or prospective buyers and will be given on to the new owner of the company.
(i) Contacts: In case you have any questions about our privacy policies and sharing of your data please visit or contact us at our email contact@wootag.com.


Wootag provides a platform to digitally market your products through interactive videos. Posting of following content is expressly prohibited and can lead to suspension or termination of user account:

  1. Nudity or sexual content: Any sexually exploited content or pornography is not allowed. Any video that contains nudity or sexually explicit content can be reported on our services. You can also report such videos by mailing us at contact@wootag.com
  2. Child Abuse In case any video contains sexual content involving minors or displaying any sexual acts involving minors or any videos displaying child abuse in any way, the account of the user shall be immediately suspended.
  3. Violent or harmful content Any video that intends to incite violence, illegal activity or incites others to do any illegal activity or involve similar content involving minors shall not be permitted and immediately taken away.
  4. Spam and deceptive practise and content Any content that has any unlawful, obscene, libellous materials, shall be considered spam and is prohibited. Content that deliberately tries to mislead users for financial gain can be removed being against public in general.
3. How can you protect your Privacy?

If you are sure that your personal information or any of your video is without your consent, you should first try and contact the uploader asking them to remove the content.
In case you are unable to get the video remove through the uploader, please contact us for removal of content.
We will consider removal of any content based on certain consideration.
While considering your complaint, we may take into account some factors among other as, public interest, your legal rights and consents if any, your conduct on usage of our services, previous complaints etc. before processing removal of any content. We may also request some addition information depending on each case, before taking any actions against other users on our applications and website.
Owing to accessibility of our services to multiple users, we advise you to be careful before posting any of your personal information and to keep your password secured always. In addition be careful about uploading third party content as uploading the same without proper permissions might hold you liable for intellectual property infringement rights.
Youth under the age of 18 years are advised to register in wootag.com only under parental guidance.

4. Access your Information:

As per existing legal provisions under Personal Data Protection Act, 2012 Section 21(2) you have the right to request a copy of information we hold about you. We may charge a small amount of fee for this service.

Please be informed that by registering with Wootag you agree to have read and understood these above policies and our terms of usage and consent to WOOTAG, its group companies and its third-party service providers to use, share and disclose your data for the purposes collected and enumerated here.